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The egg of Columbus?



In any other World outside there, bossing, mobbing, incorrect pressing over your job, are themes sensible. In USA, for example… There are not Art. 18, like Italy’s chart of Worker’s Right, but maybe much more Rights than Italy. Impossible?
Not at all… If your work is INSIDE a syndicate, You don’t have same right that are recognized OUTSIDE, in any other office, company or manufacturing plant.
You no. Reasons – if there are one – are simple: you don’t have ANY Rights. Here is the egg of Columbus. It’s called “smart removal” . When someone want to free the office from your presence, this is just so far to.
Anyway it’s possible fight hard for survive at those kind of violence. And I do it!


SVEVA è arrivata anche qui... c'era da immaginarselo. Intanto, la frase che meglio la descrive è: "Quando faccio la brava sono molto brava, quando faccio la cattiva sono meglio". (Mae West)